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Jacqueline R. Harvey B.A. (Hons) M.Phil. PGCE Cert R.E.

Jackie has over 23 years practical classroom teaching experience, her position as head of English Key Stage Two together with planning, coordinating the syllabus and other middle management responsibilities at a highly regarded primary school in England, has equipped her with the background and confidence to take on the challenge of running her own language school.

In the 8 years since taking over the school, it has, with Jackie's enthusiasm and determination, become the premier English language academy in the east of Asturias. Jackie always strives for excellence and to this end she set about changing the status of the Cronin School of English. One of her earlier decisions was to sever the schools ties to the original examining body. The academy was then appointed as the only centre for Cambridge University Examinations in the East of Asturias.

Cambridge University is recognised worldwide as the most prestigious  examining body, so Jackie's students are assured that their qualifications will be accepted without question. Sitting an examination for a less prestigious body is a waste of first class tuition.

Jackie's motto is “Innovation not Imitation” because she has never been afraid to innovate, her teaching has evolved to meet each new challenge and where needed she has created strategies to make learning both easy and enjoyable.

To Jackie's students it's all down to “Jackie's Magic Method” but in reality she has just given her students easy workable strategies, so that they absorb, retain and most important at exam time, recall the information from their minds.

The pass rate has  never been less than 100%. This is why each year demand for places at “Jackie's Academy” exceeds availability. This demand for places required a move to larger premises, the new school is now double the size of the original. With larger classrooms and a conference room for seminars.

Jackie's skills are very much in demand across the whole spectrum of students, starting at 5 years of age and going right through to specialist post-graduate tuition. Jackie's Masters degree in linguistics has helped to equip her with the specialist knowledge to help students at each and every level.
Because of her linguistics background, Jackie is very much aware that unless her tuition is understood by her students, there is a failure of  Communication!

If the tuition does not reach the student (goes over their head) it is useless!

If it reaches them but the student can't understand it, it is useless!

If the student only understands part of it, it is not just useless, it is negative teaching!

Negative teaching  is damaging because it sets up a pattern of thinking that is difficult at best, or virtually impossible to change at a later time.

Communication as defined by Jackie, is providing the student with the correct information,  in an understandable manner and providing the means to retain and recall that information, as and when needed.

No surprise really that many of the local school teachers and those who teach at the government Official School of Languages, send their children to “Jackie's Academy.” After all, who better understands the value of good teaching than a teacher?

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